...by using the power of PLAY, MINDSET and COMMUNITY to reconnect with your authentic self, heal your inner child, & create a life that lights you up ☀️


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The BEST money I’ve ever spent! - Alice

I am SO much more playful, lighter, happier, and things are so much more fun and easy since I don't get lost in perfectionism and overthinking. I feel like a new woman! - Sarah

This program has rescued my heart. The little girl inside of me is now alive and I am so grateful. - Kiesha

"The BEST money I’ve ever spent!” - Alice

"I am SO much more playful, lighter, happier, and things are so much more fun and easy since I don't get lost in perfectionism and overthinking. I feel like a new woman!” - Sarah

"This program has rescued my heart. The little girl inside of me is now alive and I am so grateful." - Kiesha



When your days became work marathons and your childlike wonder got put up on the shelf like a toy you outgrew?

Lately, work, clients, family, kids, dogs, your inbox… everyone else and everything else takes center stage, doesn’t it?


And sooner or later that older version of yourself who loved singing into the spatula while you were making breakfast, who wrote poems for your friends just because, who made tie-dye shirts and loved the smell of Play-Doh...  stops coming around (she was so fun, wasn’t she?) and you start to describe yourself using words like:

➜ Perfectionist

➜ People-pleaser

➜ Workaholic—*gasp!*

➜ Low self-confidence

➜ Hyper-critical  



What if there was a way to finally reconnect with your child-like wonder?

So you could stop being so serious all the time, ditch your perfectionism, and live life playfully again.

(I’m talkin’ dance parties to Abba, walking in the rain, and cannonballs in the deep-end—on a Tuesday afternoon!)

So you can stop living from a place of fear and start living from a place of deep trust in yourself. 

So you can heal what needs to be healed, reorient your days toward self-care and self-love, and design a life that positively lights you up

🤔 Yeah. Shucks. If only there was a way...


Ahem! It's time you met...


The only 10-week play and mindset group coaching program designed to help you heal perfectionism, overcome self-doubt, and heal your inner child so you can create a life that lights you up from the inside out.


Wild & Worthy is an experiential wonderland designed to reconnect you with your playful side so you can harness the power of imagination, creativity, and joy to overcome the thoughts and behaviors that are dimming your light...

ahem, I’m talking about those pesky critters that are keeping you stuck like people-pleasing, seeking approval, and always feeling a pinch unworthy


Our big goal? To get you out of that way-too-serious state and in touch with your authentic, playful spirit. ‘Cause that’s where life takes on a whole new shine. 

😎  Groovy, right?

Here are the ingredients that’ll take you from being your own harshest critic to being someone who belly laughs every day (and doesn’t care who hears!):

Each week, we’ll spend half of our 90 minute LIVE group coaching session tapping into  uninhibited FUN to reconnect with your playful side. 

You’ll also use play in your HomePLAY exercises throughout the week so you can get used to weaving more fun into your days.

Think play is simply a way to let loose? Think again!

Play is a healing tool that you’ll use to honor your emotions & connect with Little You so you can create a life that’s deeply meaningful & fulfilling

Did you know 95% of our behavior is driven by our subconscious minds? 

You’ll use the power of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and TIME techniques to shift your subconscious beliefs that are no longer serving you so you can see long-lasting change

Are you ready to become your most confident, empowered, playful self?!?



Get first access to the next class of Wild & Worthy: An Inner Child Healing Collective, my signature group coaching program. You'll unlearn perfectionism and heal fear of judgment to become your most confident, creative, playful self.
By joining the waitlist community, you will be the first to know when enrollment is officially open and get the opportunity to receive special bonuses.

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You’ll Get Access To:


  • An amazing community of like-minded playmates who will support, motivate and inspire you (and keep you accountable) on your healing journey 🙏
  • You’ll stay connected in a private community on Facebook
  • You can ask questions / get support in the FB group daily Monday - Friday from Kara and a support coach. There will be Facebook lives, additional prompts and TONS of support


  • Where the magic happens ✨
  • Each week you’ll join a 90-minute LIVE group coaching session where we’ll PLAY together (and have the best time!), and then we’ll move to mindset coaching where you can ask questions and I’ll support you personally through what comes up.
  • There will also be special guest experts - breathwork, nutrition and some other surprises 💃


  • LIFETIME access (yuuup you read that right! ❤️) to a powerful mindset course all about overcoming self-doubt, unlearning perfectionism and rewiring your subconscious mind
  • Each week there will be new video lessons to watch with coordinating downloadable resources 

Wanna have some fun?


What You Can Expect In Our Glorious Time Together 🎉



You'll reestablish your connection to Little You, release emotional blockages and start dismantling perfectionist tendencies to get in touch with your playful side.

Because YES! You are a wildly playful creature deep down. Let's meet that version of you and invite them to play.



We'll focus on moving to a growth mindset and implementing aligned habits without overwhelm, guilt and shame.

We'll also look at navigating your inner critic playfully and detaching from praise and criticism.



We start going deep into your subconscious mind and I'll give you my best tips and tricks on how you can start rewiring your brain to get whatcha want (it's truly life changing!)





You'll uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living as your most confident, creative self.

We'll also do EFT tapping on perfectionism to help you release fear of judgment and start showing up more confidently and playfully.



We'll start using TIME techniques to rewire your subconscious mind with more empowering beliefs, which will improve all areas of your life, including your relationships, your health, and your business.



Yaaay! You've made it to week 6 and we are really getting you out of your logic-brain and into your fun-loving side.

You'll learn how to use play and neuroscience to start manifesting your dream life.

You'll get clear on your future self with NLP exercises and we'll also clear up the attachments that are keep you stuck you in the past.



This week's all about using play, somatics and self-care to build self-worth.

You'll reconnect with your body, do breathwork, experience playful rest, and will be energized and refreshed by one of my favourite energy clearings. You'll also learn other ways to cultivate confidence.




We'll dive into boundaries, how to set them, and how to navigate the discomfort that comes with that.

You'll also experience a beautiful self-love and compassion hypnosis (I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist) to build self-love and create loving rituals for your future self and Little You. Hypnosis is my favorite #1 transformational tool.



You'll expand your imagination and creativity even more!

You'll also experience the power of play for problem solving.  




It's time for a MAJOR celebration. (And lemme tell you - I know how to throw a partaaaay!)

This week you'll learn to communicate more powerfully. You'll also toward the future on how play can help shape the rest of your life and achieve your biggest goals.

...And yes! There will be surprises....eeee!


Want a peek at what past playmates are saying?

—Sarah R.

Wild & Worthy was incredible, magical and SO life-changing. It was all so much more than I was expecting. I experienced such powerful shifts in letting go of perfectionism and having really high standards on myself and loved everything from the modules and recorded content. I learned so much, the guest speakers were so amazing, and I loved the NLP that Kara weaved into the program. 

The live calls were amazing. It was such an infectious group and community. I felt SO safe and supported!

The energy Kara brings is such an inspiration. She brings such a beautiful presence for everyone to feel so loved and accepted. She allows people to show up playfully, messily, and with fun. I’m excited to embody the new mindset she helped me cultivate and take that fun edge to things.

My cheeks hurt just thinking about Wild & Worthy and how much I smiled during the calls. Thank you, thank you, Kara!"


— Angie T.

"Before joining Wild and Worthy, I was living life via a to do list. I was an overthinker and a perfectionist.

When I joined the group, I was hesitant because I felt very much outside of my comfort zone. I quickly realized how comfortable and safe I could feel in the group Kara created. I learned so much from not only Kara, but also the other Playful Warriors.

The energy in the group is infectious. I have never felt so connected and safe with a group of people I have only known for 8 weeks and have never met in person.

I am now embracing the imperfect parts of me and loving myself as I am. I have began forgiving myself and am feeling more confident and playful.

I would 100% recommend Kara and the Wild & Worthy program. Kara is supportive, warm, and playful. I can’t think of a better coach and program. While I knew I would become more playful through this program, I didn’t realize just how impactful it would be.

This fun program will be forever life changing!"

—Shelly R.

“Before joining Wild & Worthy, I was trying to start a business, but struggling with patterns of perfectionism that fueled procrastination. I knew I wanted to lighten up my approach, incorporate more play into my life, develop more self-trust and learn to work with my fear of judgement.

The group exceeded my expectations with so many fun, creative ways to play, an amazing group of humans to play with, and excellent coaching from Kara. I honestly I can't believe how much I've changed, learned, and grown in 2 months!

I overcame my fears of showing up online by creating a business Instagram and received so much encouragement from Wild & Worthy group members.

I made huge progress in getting my business off the ground as I committed to taking messy, imperfect action which is a phrase we discussed in the group.

also found playing in community to be incredibly healing! I now feel more creative, confident, and brave. I'm in awe of Kara's wisdom, compassion, and playful nature and would highly recommend this program."

—Meredith R.

"My whole life I've said I was "anti-play". I've struggled with people pleasing, perfectionism, procrastination, anxiety, and being really hard on myself. I joined the program hoping to improve my ability to connect with my kids; I was completely blown away by how many other areas of my life would be affected.

Kara’s support was amazing and she has really powerful intuition, both in how she responds to questions, and the nudges or check ins she would do. Is she in my head?! I would wonder... :) her insights go so much beyond play. She really profoundly understands the perfectionist/people pleasing personality and has such wise insights and reframing

And play? Play opened up so much creativity, ease, and fun in my life. It’s helped me let go of rigidity, and even helped me with procrastination, which I thought was just an intractable part of my existence. It's helped me connect with my daughter and opened up our relationship, and helped me have less anxiety and stress, even though I was doing the course during a stressful time.

Thank you for all you do, Kara! It is such beautiful and deep work that you do, this was such a gift!"

—Marti M.

"It was incredible and blew my expectations out of the water. It is the BEST investment I've made on myself because it helped me truly find myself.

I had been doing a lot of heavy healing and it felt stressful and very isolating. When I found Kara's program, I was drawn to her ability to heal through play. It felt light and free, yet deeply healing and thorough. 

It was so healing to be amongst a group of like-minded people who were on their healing journey and made it so fun and playful! Kara was so supportive.

I felt so safe during this program, which is something that has been hard for me to find in the past. This safety allowed me to open up, be free, learn more about myself, take up space, hear myself, and have fun!! I played like I've never played before!

The mindset coaching videos that Kara created throughout the program are incredible.  Some of my favorites were rewiring the subconscious mind, inner child meditations, TIME techniques, EFT tapping, nervous system regulation, manifesting, hypnosis, boundaries, and so more.

I grew so much more self-trust in myself which has given me the courage to start my own occupational therapy coaching program. I couldn't recommend Kara's program more!!

—Skylar C.

"I was at a point in my life where I was feeling incredibly burnout, and I didn’t have the energy to continue my journey of self-improvement because everything felt so heavy and working through my trauma didn’t feel safe .

I discovered The Playful Warrior on Instagram and felt immediately drawn to Kara’s playful ideas and methods.

The emotional releases that occurred throughout the program were ones I didn't even know I had/needed.

I feel so much safer within myself now.

Throughout the program there was an even mix of using group play and informational lessons on how the brain works that provide very insightful strategies for healing your inner child. Everything about the program was wonderful and accessible.

The group members were absolutely lovely and the program really provided a safe space for everyone to uplift each other in a welcoming, insightful community. I have been and will continue to recommend this program to everyone I possibly can. We all have some healing that we need to do for various reasons and Wild and Worthy truly provides the resources to be able to do that.

One million stars out of 10. :-)"

—Alice C.

The BEST money I’ve ever spent! Carving out time to play was transformative. I felt lighter and found myself showing up for my relationships and work with more calm, clarity and a sense of purpose.

Having found myself feeling way too serious and overburdened by my work I decided to work with Kara. It was so much fun! Kara uses the body, the mind, and visualization techniques to tap into your natural childlike energy within. Smart and knowledgeable, she is the perfect person to do this work. Her genuine delight in your play process is evident in every session.

I am so grateful I made the choice to give myself this gift. It was well worth it!"

— Elisa Y.

"The Wild & Worthy program by Kara is truly life changing.

I learned things that help me cultivate play in all corners of my life. From professional entrepreneurial endeavors, to interpersonal relating and creative self expression. I have learned tools that I will carry with me forever.

Kara teaches a low stakes approach using different useful modalities that appeal to all kinds of learning types. The video calls cultivated a community that is so warm and genuine. The Facebook group supported this container even further. Kara’s continual support resonates throughout the program.

I highly recommend Wild & Worthy for anyone who is curious about play and how they can integrate it into their life. Kara is a true expert."

You (wondering aloud): 

But, Kara, is Wild & Worthy really for me? 


Me (in my best game show host voice): 

Goooood question! Here’s how you can tell if Wild & Worthy is the peanut butter to your jelly

This program is PERFECT for you if...


You know you want to heal your Inner Child with play but don’t know where to start 

You’re living in survival mode and want to learn to take life less seriously

You never feel good enough and are always comparing yourself to others

You struggle with low self-trust and self-worth

You consider yourself a people-pleaser and seek external approval 

You shy away from being yourself out of fear of judgment or rejection 

You want to reconnect with your true self through creativity and self-expression

This program may NOT be a good fit if...


You’re looking for a program that focuses on play but not on healing or mindset work

You’re not ready to confront the limiting beliefs that are holding you back

You aren’t willing to use neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, and play to rewire your thinking

You don’t want to make lifelong connections with an awesome community that is going to change your life!

Play is powerful. 

The proof is in the (chocolate) pudding

– Kristyn R.

“Wild and Worthy is a unique and extraordinary group programme.

I’ve personally done a lot of coaching and development programmes and courses and can say there’s nothing quite like this.

If you’re a recovering perfectionist or someone that feels they’ve lost that fun in their life, I highly recommend you join.

Kara manages to bring together a group of amazing individuals to support one another as you explore play and working with your inner child. You can truly just be you without judgement and it’s so much fun!! If you’re on the fence, take the leap!"

 Kiesha Y.

“This program awakened the parts of me I left behind and rescued my heart. The little girl inside of me is now alive and I am so grateful.

The subconscious mind content is literally life changing and Kara made this journey so marvellously easy to be a part of. Both my adult self and inner child felt truly safe to exist in this space. Play sounds so simple but it can be really hard to start. Once you do, a freedom comes and starts to deeply nourish those under nourished parts of you that are longing to show up and play like a child. This was the perfect opportunity to dive in, with Kara's expert knowledge and silly/fun/wild/worthy modeling.

I loved every minute.”

—Lauren R.

“Play had been something I’d wanted to integrate into my life for a while, but alone, could never seem to make it happen [read: make the time for it]. What a fun, feel good, incredible program! If you are considering working with Kara, I couldn’t recommend it more! 

It’s something I’d now encourage all of my friends to do. Who doesn’t want to play more, learn to chase joy, care less about other people's opinions, connect to their inner truth and come out the other side with a host of habits and activities that make life that little bit more fun.

Our time together not only provided me with the space and guidance to integrate play, we also worked at the level of the subconscious removing some of those unconscious barriers I was unaware of. ”

— Valerie P.

Before working with Kara, I knew that play was important, but I still kept delaying it, trying to get my work done, so that I'd have time to play afterwards. I overloaded my to-do lists until I didn't have the energy to actually play anymore when I was done. 

After working with Kara, I prioritize Little me by checking in and scheduling time to play, even before I work in most cases. I enjoyed the chance to play with other adults on a similar journey as a recovering serious person. I have shifted my goals moving forward and am prioritizing myself. Little me is feeling very seen and better cared for than ever. I'm happier and actually more productive (with the stuff that still feels important).

I would definitely recommend Kara's Wild and Worthy for any recovering serious people (AKA perfectionists) or anyone wishing to bring more play into their lives."

— Sama A.

"Wild & Worthy is soul and mind changing and an AMAZING group coaching journey.

Play has helped me get closer to my inner child and have more access to her especially when I want to have more fun and just be silly and let go. I’ve made miles and miles of progress in letting go of my perfectionism and showing up authentically. The other day my husband was saying Sama's a bit of a perfectionist, and i was like no! That's not me anymore. That used to be me, but that's not me anymore. Remove that name from your vocabulary when it's concerning me. How amazing. The live calls were a lot of fun because we interact with others in the group through play. The modules are packed with information to benefit not just yourself, but also to help you support all your family members. The techniques that are taught are very practical and powerful."

– Melinda P.

Wild & Worthy is an experience like no other.

If you’re looking to let go of perfectionism, meet an amazing group of people looking to embrace silliness, playfulness, and reconnecting with your inner child, then this is definitely the program for you. Don’t let the fear hold you back because the outcome will truly be amazing.

It’s made me step out of my comfort zone, be more playful and silly regardless of what I look like, developed my creativity, allowed me to focus more on lil’ me, to have more fun and to embrace the awkward feelings that arise when trying new things.

I feel more playful, more happy, and I have many new ideas to incorporate play at home and at work. 

The sense of community was also so strong and I’ve developed friendships with people all around the world." 

—Cat A.

I discovered my avoidant feelings early on in the course. It helped me understand certain patterns I fall into in my daily life that prevent me from reaching my goals.

If you struggle to complete creative projects, take yourself a little too seriously or are just craving some inner-self connection, this course is for you!

Kara creates a safe and supportive space for you to honour your little inner-self, reflect on your patterns, help create boundaries and set little you FREE! 

💯 would recommend!"


— Patricia C.

“It was so wonderfully healing and SO FUN! When I first entered the group I was fascinated by just how diverse and global it was. It was so cool and healing to connect with others who struggle to be authentic and play more…and it honestly BLEW my expectations out of the water!

It helped me connect to spontaneity and increased my self-confidence. It gave me so much energy! The subconscious mindset work was also fantastic and I am so grateful for the program’s focus on self-love; I feel so worthy now!”

— Hakay R.

“Before I began with Kara I felt lost on how to play in my life everyday. I would get stressed or overwhelmed with things in my life and I wouldn't let them go. Let alone play with them.

Kara helped me release the barrier that "Play isn't productive” and gave me confidence to do it more on my own.

Breakthroughs came up around boundaries. No longer needing to people please my way through life hoping everyone likes me. With that my ability to be myself became easier and I became the creator of my own joy. I now feel so empowered to play and I feel so liberated.”

— Nerissa S.

"Wild and Worthy was so much more than I expected .

The live sessions encouraged me to connect to my intuition in ways I would not normally . The content on Kajabi was excellent and I will definitely be revisiting some of the courses as I continue my healing journey . This course has opened my eyes to my own subconscious beliefs and patterns. I now feel much lighter and clearer in thought and less anxious knowing that these negative patterns can be reprogrammed using techniques learnt in the modules."

– Julia M.

Wild & Worthy was a super positive experience. The group and leadership was very supportive. I felt encouraged throughout the process. Having dedicated play time in my week was an incredible highlight and gift. My big win was learning that I could play and find joy during times of loss and stress.

Play is a life companion. It can be invited in, at any time, under any circumstance. I've learned that I can bring play into even my angry or sad moments. It helps me register in that moment that I will get through challenging times and that I am capable of processing these feelings.

I’m also very grateful for the community and it was super helpful to see how others approach play."

– Nikki R.

Wild & Worthy was a very positive, supportive and fun experience!

I loved the weekly live calls and was always amazed by what a shift in energy I would experience from attending. It truly felt like a safe container and it was great to have connection with people who are healing similar things and interested in doing that through playing and loving ourselves more. Placing play into my days has been a big win.

Kara was also 10,000 % supportive and she went above and beyond my expectations! She is amazing at relating to people. She really understands the person who judges themselves and struggles with the questions of worth and that's really important to me and her sense of humor, too, is just great!

Play also increases connection to others and improves my relationships beyond the one with myself."

– Jelena P.

Wild & Worthy was an amazing experience. 

Kara provided amazing support and was extremely responsive. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to work with her and have learnt so many new things. 

I’m now more flexible and playful with my decisions, actions, relationships with people. This has always been one of the hardest things for me because I've been living in survival mode for a very long time, where everything is a matter of life and death.

The group was also really nice and people were very supportive."

– Oana V.

Wild & Worthy helped me connect to my inner child more and I now feel more courageous, more motivated to take beneficial action for myself, to speak my mind more and to show myself more (which I’m massively grateful for! 😃)

The community was also truly wonderful and I felt safe to express my opinions, fears and to ask questions. I’m very grateful I stepped onto this journey of playful self-exploration.

Kara thank you for all of the encouragement and wisdom you poured over me. I'm super extra mega glad we worked together in real time. Thank you and keep powering up the world through play!"

– Wendy H.

 Kara, I wanted to let you know that you are one of the people and experiences that I am most grateful for this year (and ever) 💖 . You are what the world needs more of and what you are sharing and teaching has been truly life altering.

Guiding me and our Wild & Worthy group with inner child work and play has absolutely been a missing piece in my life. It has changed me and how I experience everything. Learning to see lil me in everything I do now is just such a gift. Laughter and joy come so much easier to me.  Every single person can benefit from what you are teaching, no doubt about it. I am just so happy that my journey led to finding you 💜  "

– Michelle E.

Before I joined Wild and Worthy, I was struggling with major anxiety and trying to work through it. Life and work felt extremely intense and serious.

This program provided SO many incredible tools to help me get out of that place- the most significant being PLAY! Play was so freeing and healing! This was hugely because of the safe and supportive space Kara has cultivated, and each of the lovely humans who made up this special group.

I’m now living through a more light-hearted and playful lens, which has rippled into having more fun and flow in my business, and joy in my life. I'm caring less about what other people think of me. Having more confidence just being myself. Also, a HUGE one is less OVER-THINKING!

This is the most excited I've felt about my business in a long time, and it's all because W&W completely connected me with my creativity & what lights me up!"

– Priya G.

Before I joined Wild & Worthy, i was going through a tough time of my life.  I just dropped out of my final year of my degree and faced a lot of criticism from my family and myself. I decided to make myself a priority and heal myself.

Then, I ended up meeting Kara and she is one of the best people I've ever met and an amazing support . Throughout Wild & Worthy I learned to lessen self-criticism and overthinking, and met people who were so wonderful and compassionate. I truly felt safe and free and had so much fun playing with them.

I now feel more compassion and love towards myself. Thank you Kara and team for this most precious and most amazing experience! I definitely recommend Wild & Worthy to everyone who wants to know their true selves!!!"


– Nora K.

What a life changing program!

Kara provides such a safe space to play and stretch ourselves.

There is a wildly amazing amount of support in the course, through the classes and in Facebook. 

I'm no longer stuck in perfectionism. I'm now so tuned into adding play to my life, in my relationships and in my business.

I find myself taking more risks, being more spontaneous and I have developed this self trust in myself that has created more confidence.

Thank you so much Kara! You are amazing and I’m so happy you are bringing this to the world!"


– Heather P.

Wild & Worthy was amazing, magical, educational and healing!

I’ve learned to accept my mistakes. I'm more spontaneous, more playful and happier. I also loved that being in the group and that we were in different countries across the world. 

I've never felt so worthy and true in my whole entire life! Thank you Kara! ❤️" 

– Kim M.

If you are looking for a fun and different experience that enables empowerment and gaining of personal insights in an unconventional way, Wild and Worthy is for you! Your personal boundaries are respected, and you will feel comfortable as you learn fun methods to have a happier life, regardless of any circumstances!"

– Oma S.

I LOVED EVERY CALL, EVERY MOMENT OF IT! Best money I've ever spent! I felt seen, heard, valued, and taken care of. I didn’t feel judged and I know the techniques given are practical and I can use everyday.

I re-started my blog, set boundaries with my family, and calmed my inner critic. I look forward to other programs that Kara has to offer!"

– Enza B.

I feel like I had given up “play” to survive. Now, play is the way I live.

I accessed a deeper sense of vulnerability and courage in this space which allowed me to cultivate a deeper relationship with my inner child. I discovered that true strength is what happens when we allow ourselves to be both courageous and vulnerable at the same time. This is what it means to be a playful warrior to me."

– Rebecca A.

"It was truly a life changing experience, and I would definitely do it again! It helped me to set boundaries at my workplace and be kind to myself in the process.

More broadly, being more playful has really helped me turn down the volume on my inner critic."



- Allegra V


- Allegra V

- Kiesha Y

- Kiesha Y




Personalized support to questions that come up on your healing journey from 2 coaches. Lil peek of how it works…


Weekly lives from me and our support coach with additional play and mindset coaching, and inner child healing tips


Support from the best group of humans!!!


Hi, sweet warrior!
I’m Kara—


Play and Mindset Coach, NLP Practitioner, hypnotherapist, hip-hop dancer, breakfast aficionado, bright red lipstick-wearer, and your biggest cheerleader. 

But I wasn’t always in touch with my playful side. I spent sooo many years working in the corporate world, people-pleasing at my job, and letting my subconscious beliefs, self-doubt, and *very loud* inner critic run the show. 

(Yup! Even mindset coaches have exceptionally cranky inner critics!)

For most of my adult life, I struggled with codependency, perfectionism, OCD, epilepsy, and childhood abandonment wounds. 

And all of those things compounded my feelings of low self-worth. Which turned into shame and fear and deep, deep hurt. 

Like you, I tried lots of self-care routines, sought professional advice (which I always recommend!), and joined positive mindset groups. 

(But it turns out sometimes you need more than a bubble bath and a new set of affirmations to disrupt those deep-rooted beliefs and subconscious narratives! Though I do love me some bath bombs and bathtub glow sticks!)

I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had to prove my worth. So I sought external validation through, money, compliments from my boss, Instagram likes… you name it. Anything that I could point to outside myself to prove I was doing something… right? Worthwhile? I don’t know...



But All Of That Changed When I Found One Simple Thing: PLAY

It took a bit to reconnect with Little Kara and rewire my subconscious thoughts, but play was the missing ingredient that made my healing possible. 

Play was the thing that reminded me I’m a wildly creative, fun, worthy human. Right now. Just as I am. 

Even without the likes, without my hair and makeup done, without the miles-long to-do list. 

And now, sweet warrior?

I’m on a mission to create a safe space for YOU to be seen, to be heard, and to heal. I’m on a mission to create a space for you to play and express yourself without judgment. 

So you can reconnect with yourself and live a life that you co-create with your inner child—one where play is no longer an afterthought but the cornerstone of your healing, the cornerstone of your happiness. 

So you can live a life that’s positively brimming with joy—whatever that looks like for you. 

Whether that’s taking time off work to slow down, hanging out with your kiddos or your friends, or just walking along the beach. Whether that’s painting your room Fuschia, traveling the world living out of a backpack for a year, or posting your first selfie in mismatched PJs. 

I want that for you. 

What do you say? You with me?