Hey there! I’m Kara (pronounced Sarah with a K). I’m the Founder and Chief Fun Officer of The Playful Warrior and the Creator of Wild & Worthy.  I’m also a Play and Mindset Coach.


I help you heal your inner child through the power of play and neuroscience so you can overcome perfectionism, self-doubt and recover your playful, creative self.

My Story

I wasn’t always in touch with my playful side. I spent sooo many years working in the corporate world, people-pleasing at my job, and letting my subconscious beliefs, self-doubt, and *very loud* inner critic run the show. 

(Yup! Even mindset coaches have exceptionally cranky inner critics!)

For most of my adult life, I struggled with codependency, perfectionism, severe OCD, epilepsy, and childhood abandonment wounds. 

And all of those things compounded my feelings of low self-worth. Which turned into shame and fear and deep, deep hurt. 

I hit a rock bottom with my dark night of the soul three years ago. I lost my job, had a nasty cockroach infestation for months, a beautiful partnership ended, I was processing heavy childhood trauma, and was struggling with my epilepsy (all the while hiding it from the world because I was so ashamed).

When it felt like I had nothing, I could hear whispers in my soul. This was not the life I was meant to live. The complete destruction of my life as I knew it gave me a chance to start over.

And start over I did.

I discovered that healing didn’t always have to be so heavy. I started exploring play, and changed my life.

Play was the thing that reminded me I’m a wildly creative, fun, worthy human. Right now. Just as I am.

It helped me stop living from a place of fear and start living from a place of trust in myself. So, I could build my life from a place of play and not perfectionism.

And now I’m on a mission to create a safe space for YOU to be seen, to be heard, and to heal. To play freely and express yourself without judgment.

So you can reconnect with yourself and live a life that you co-create with your inner child—one where play is no longer an afterthought but the cornerstone of your healing, the cornerstone of your happiness.

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Fun Facts About Me:


  • I’m a Certified Life & Success Coach and Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping and TIME Techniques

  • Movement is my medicine. Dance is my happy place and I love how it connects humanity. It’s my favourite language! 

  • I competed in hip hop dancing for 10 years

  • I speak Spanish, love Latin dancing and swear I was Latin in another life! (I’m not, for the record)

  • I’m a breakfast aficionado and could eat breakfast all day 

  • I was once Bradley Cooper’s publicist for a day; it was one of the most magical days of my life. He was so kind and friendly (and punctual!)

  • I love exploring the world and have been to 42 countries 

  • My best friend and I backpacked Colombia with no plans in 2016. We went with a one-way ticket!

  • I played piano for over 10 years

  • I’m a Pisces Sun Sign, Scorpio Rising and Cancer Moon

  • For my Human Design friends, I’m a Projector with Emotional Authority


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