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… When You Use the Powerful Combination of
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Hi! I’m Kara

Play and Mindset Coach, Chief Fun Officer, chocolate chip cookie monster, hip-hop dancer, former perfectionist, and Founder of The Playful Warrior.

If you had told me 4 years ago that I’d be talking on television, working from different countries, helping thousands of people, and that I’d do it all by crafting my own successful career as a Play Coach, basically out of thin air…  

😂 I would’ve dropped to the floor and snorted out loud! 

Like you, I was a huge perfectionist back then. I cared *a lot* about what people thought of me, being validated by others, and doing everything “perfectly”. 

After leaving a 10-year long career in Public Relations, I had this inner calling to become a coach. But when I first started my business, my perfectionism was keeping me stuck.

I was constantly listening to different podcasts, taking notes, reading books, and was SUPER busy procrasti-working (AKA procrastinating from fear of discomfort) to avoid doing the things that would actually build momentum.

It wasn’t until I got certified as a Mindset Coach and discovered PLAY that everything changed for me. It allowed me to let go of my fear of not doing everything perfectly, and to just show up as… me.

This openness to take action, combined with my expert background in PR and some good ol’ fashioned hard work, allowed me to achieve success, fast.

For me, that’s looked like:


>> Regularly appearing on major TV networks like The Morning Show, Global News, and Breakfast Television 

>> Working with major corporations like Starbucks, Nestlé, and Google

>> Having FUN with my business and in my day-to-day life 

>> Traveling to other countries while I support my students inside my programs

>> Making a sustainable, cushy living for myself that supports my overall well-being

And now? I’m here to teach you the exact business strategies, mindset work, and play practices I used (and continue to use today!) to get here, so YOU can create a wildly successful business, whatever that looks like for you.

See What Other Warriors Are Saying…

Shelly Reed,

Somatic Practitioner + Stress Release Specialist

“I overcame my fears of showing up online, and I made huge progress in getting my business off the ground as I committed to taking messy, imperfect action.”

Before working with Kara, I was trying to start a business, but struggling with patterns of perfectionism that fueled procrastination. I knew I wanted to lighten up my approach, incorporate more play into my life, develop more self-trust and learn to work with my fear of judgment.

The group exceeded my expectations and there was so much value! I received expert business advice, helpful mindset reframes, a space to ask questions, a community cheering me on, and encouragement when I faced a challenge. I also had the chance to play and have fun with other business owners, which was incredibly healing! I made such beautiful connections that will stay with me long after this program ends.

Kara is an outstanding coach. She’s responsive, knowledgeable, cares deeply for her clients, and knows how to have fun! All of this made The Playful Business Collective an absolute dream come true

With the support of this group I gained the courage to offer multiple workshops in different settings, experimenting with content, group size, and price. I learned that I love offering trainings for organizations and this will be a focus in my business moving forward. I highly recommend this program because it gave me so many strategies to feel hopeful and empowered as a business owner. It's an amazing opportunity for any heart-led entrepreneur who wants to balance out the demands of entrepreneurship by playing with and being supported by the best community!"

Jamie Berris,

Life & Relationship Coach

“I feel so much more confident as a coach and empowered to share my voice, talents and creativity with the world.

 Before joining The Playful Business Collective, I was grappling with perfectionism and self-doubt that was significantly holding me back in my career. However, everything changed when I discovered Kara's program. While I was initially worried about adding another thing to my plate, the program actually relieved so much anxiety and I was way more productive in my business.

Having dabbled in various mentorship programs before, I can confidently say that Kara's program stands out. The emphasis on inner child work, hypnosis, and EFT techniques has been transformative. I was able to heal my inner critic, push through self-doubt and accomplish milestones that I had been putting off for years.

Since joining, I've made significant progress towards my goals, such as completing my freebie and making strategic shifts in my business, particularly with my website and visibility. The experience exceeded my expectations as I witnessed tangible results from the behind-the-scenes work I put in. I’ve since attracted more clients and feel like I’m making way more traction.

Also the sense of community within The Playful Business Collective was invaluable. Kara's unwavering support throughout the program was instrumental in my success. I feel so much more confident as a coach and empowered to share my voice, talents and creativity with the world, thanks to Kara and The Playful Business Collective.”

 Sarah Richardson,

Life Coach, Fiction Author & Poet

“I feel like a new woman. Her coaching has truly changed my business and life. Since working with Kara, I’m so much more playful, lighter, sillier, happier, and things are so much more fun and easy since I don’t get lost in perfectionism and overthinking.”

Kara is a phenomenal coach and such a bright, amazing light!!! She helped me heal perfectionism tendencies, people-pleasing, comparisonitis, and letting go of what people think.

Having this playful mindset feels SO freeing and empowering. I also feel so empowered and confident in myself and have achieved big goals that I wouldn’t have believed I could have before working with her, and did so with much more fun and ease.

Michelle Ehrensaal,


"I'm living life through a more light-hearted and playful lens, which has rippled into having more fun and flow in my business, and joy in my life. 

I'm caring less about what other people think of me. Having more confidence just being myself. 

Also, a HUGE one is less OVER-THINKING! It's now taking me just a couple minutes to write and send those big (scary!) emails and I’m saving so much time! Ha! It sounds wild but in the past I could sit on an email for days... and regularly got anxiety about them. 

This is the most excited I've felt about my business in a long time, and this is because you've connected me with my creativity & what lights me up!”

Which is why I’m bust-a-move excited to introduce you to…

*breaks into hip-hop dance*

The only 12-week group program for entrepreneurs that’s designed to help you create a playful, freedom-filled business while letting go of perfectionism, so you can have more confidence, achieve your BIG goals, and advance your business using the powerful combination of… 


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Your Time In The Collective Will Help You:


🌟 Achieve your big hairy business goals in a healthy and playful way

 Unlearn perfectionism and replace it with healthy achievement – where you’re able to actively work towards your greatest goals while *also* taking care of your well-being and avoiding burnout

🌟 Learn proven strategies to build authority, attract clients, and grow your biz

 Receive expert Public Relations (PR) coaching from an industry leader (that’s meeee!) to land huge growth opportunities within your industry, like guest speaking on your favorite podcast or morning TV show (oh boy!)

🌟 Lay the key foundations for a wildly successful and sustainable business

 Learn how to set up a thriving business from A-Z, from logistics, like protecting your business and managing finances, to creating winning online marketing strategies, like your lead-magnet and social media presence

🌟 Get accountability + support from the most wonderful group of business playmates 

 Connect and PLAY with a loving community of entrepreneurs who are navigating similar hurdles. These humans are in your corner to bounce your burning ideas off and encourage you to take imperfect action (yep, even before you feel ready!)

🌟 Feel more confidence,  freedom, creativity, and FUN in your work 

 Experience LESS imposter syndrome, overthinking & stress… and MORE confidence, ease &  joy when you rewire your subconscious mind and learn neuroscience-backed mindset tools to hush your Inner Critic 

Have a Question? 

I’ve Got Your Answer!

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Marti Marsh, 

Occupational Therapist & Wellness Coach for Moms

“It is the best investment I've made on myself, because it helped me truly find myself.”

Before working with Kara, I had a dream of starting my business. I had no idea where to begin and I had a lot of fears holding me back from starting.  I decided to invest in myself and signed up for The Playful Business Collective. My experience in The Playful Business Collective exceeded all my expectations, and my expectations were high!

The support and knowledge Kara provides is unmatched. She knows how to build you up, be your biggest supporter, help you through mindset blocks, help you push through the discomfort that comes with growth, provide you with tools to enhance your business, she shows up and she really embraces who you are.

The group and people that Kara attracts are so special. Our group was so supportive, kind, safe, genuine, fun- they are bringing so much good into the world through their work. It was so healing to be surrounded by like-minded people who support and encourage you . There are those moments in life where you know you are going to remember and cherish forever, and this is one of them for me. It helped me find my way, my voice, my passion, my courage, my strength, and helped bring me closer to the dream inside of me. I would recommend anyone looking to start a business or grow their business to join The Playful Business Collective. I will hold onto this experience forever!"

 Gemma Aloisi,

Artist & Creativity Coach

"Before I joined The Playful Business Collective I struggled daily with self doubt, afraid of trusting my own creative voice and decisions. I was looking for more support to make the bolder choices necessary to get me closer to my vision for my career.

I’m so glad I invested in this programme! I was delighted by the sense of community and warmth in the group, it helped me feel safe and supported as we all grew more confident and unafraid to bring so much play to our days and to our work. I loved witnessing how we all grew more compassionate with ourselves, inspired by the amazing compassion we had for each other.

I would absolutely recommend The Playful Business Collective and Kara’s coaching services to anyone wanting to bring more joy, creativity, confidence, clarity and community into their life. The mindset shifts have been so powerful for me. I can now tap into a sense of inner calm and playful curiosity whenever a new challenge pops up in my business or in my life, and I've been able to hear more clearly the calling of my own voice, trusting its wisdom and channeling it into mindful action.

The ripple effect of Kara’s contagious playful energy and the encouragement to embrace my own has been echoing through every area of my life, and bringing more connection and creative fun for everyone involved. It’s been so precious and I feel so grateful. So so happy I joined and I would absolutely do it again!

Lyn Carpenter,

Authenticity Coach & Certified Equine Gestaltist

"I’m a certified practitioner of the Gestalt Coaching Method®️ since 2018. I love coaching with my horses, however our work is seasonal and requires that clients come to our location in New Mexico. So I wanted to add online offerings to my practice to help me expand my reach. I’ve followed Kara on Instagram for a while and love her playful, creative approach to business. I incorporate inner child healing into my methodology and believe our inner child holds the key to helping us heal from perfectionism and people-pleasing.

Kara’s approach felt aligned with my own, so it was a no brainer for me to say “YES!” to joining The Playful Business Collective to help me create online offerings in my business. The financial investment was a little scary for me to make, but I’m so glad I did. The investment in myself motivated me to go all in on the program and it was packed with value.

I created a new offer to build my email list and also filled up my women’s circle offering. I started recognizing when my perfectionism was keeping me stuck and I learned to prioritize play, which took me out of that loop. I also created an outline for my first online offering.

The program exceeded my expectations. I thought it was very organized and thorough. It blended business systems, content creation, mastering mindset, and play. I loved the supportive community and had a blast playing together in our Thursday calls. Many times I laughed so hard, I had tears running down my cheeks. Kara was extremely supportive and answered all of our questions, both in our sessions and in our Facebook group. She created personalized videos to answer our questions in our Facebook group and offered lots of ideas and suggestions.

I can’t recommend Kara and The Playful Business Collective enough. I also enjoyed the Wednesday optional co-working sessions.  If you’re a new business owner, or a heart-centered service provider that wants to add online services to your existing practice, say “YES!” to yourself and join this program! You’ll be so glad you did!"

Sophie Mathieu,

Life Coach

I had been planning on starting my online business but felt like a fish out of water. I was lacking the guidance from someone who's been there and knows the path forward, a community of people also building their business, and the support and accountability both offer. I looked at other business programs, but they seemed to encourage the hustle culture I wanted to leave behind. My whole reason for becoming an entrepreneur was to make more space in my life for joy and play, so Kara’s playful approach really spoke to me. 

It’s been amazing to trust my business path more and have self-compassion when business things are difficult (versus getting frustrated and endlessly postponing things). It’s been amazing to take messy action instead of waiting for things to be perfect or for me to feel ready.  I’ve gained so much more self-trust. I’ve also gained such a beautiful, supportive, loving community! It felt like such a cozy, safe and judgment free space.

There was a lot more support than anticipated, both from Kara as well as from the group. The combination of play, mindset work and community support helped make my business growth more sustainable (as opposed to forceful bursts of action that would deplete me and burn me out).

Thank you so, so much for creating and offering this wonderful programme, Kara! To anyone considering signing up, do yourself and your inner child a favor and go for it!"

Elisa Young,

Play Coach

There is so much value in this program, it is mind blowing!

Before working with Kara in The Playful Business Collective, I felt like Pocahontas looking at the spinning arrow of the compass, unsure of which direction to take and because of that, immobilized by my uncertainty and lack of focus. With careful integration, Kara introduced organized themes of learning - coupled with play, to help us learn self-trust, gain insight and information about business and community building. Speaking of the community - that is actually something that keeps me coming back to Kara's programs (I have 3 Wild & Worthy certificates). She attracts the BEST clients ever and the container that is created because of that is so incredibly inspiring and healing.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to start or grow your business. Kara supplies thorough knowledge through her own expertise as well as the expertise of so many guest speakers. They give you knowledge and information on a broad range of topics from legal to personal brand to healthy boundaries and so much more! All of this plus PLAY - an essential element to any type of creation. This is an exceptional program! If you are thinking of signing up... DO IT! You will not regret it! The value is mind blowing!"

Megan Windhorst,

Intuition Coach

“It has helped me heal and break self-sabotaging patterns faster than anything else I’ve ever tried. I feel so much more confident, empowered and more in control of my healing, now more than ever.”

Before working with Kara, I was consistently frustrated with myself and how judgemental I was. I couldn’t shake my perfectionist tendencies. I was also frustrated at how hard it was for me to be playful in front of people, and just be my true self without caring what others think. 

Enter Kara. This was exactly what the little girl in me had been craving. I now feel SO much more confident! Kara has helped me connect to a part of myself that I had abandoned and forgotten about. I have learned to be gentle with myself and actually feel my feelings and begin to release them. That is HUGE for me! I can comfort myself in a way that I’ve never been able to before.

I HIGHLY recommend Kara as a coach! She is an amazing human and not only is she living her purpose so powerfully, she is someone that helps you feel seen, heard, and held. Her empathy has been very important for me in this journey – allowing me to open up easier and go deeper in my healing.

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