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Play to Prosper

A 2-day PLAYShop for coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs seeking to move beyond anxiety, procrastination, and self-doubt, and to achieve their goals from a place of radical self-trust and creativity. ✨

I'm IN!


Is Fear Keeping You Stuck in Your Business?

If you’re SO ready to start…


Taking Bold Action

Doing the things that propel you forward even before you feel ready.


Reaching BIG Milestones

Attracting clients, landing new opportunities, and hitting your profit goals.


Having More Fun

Experiencing more joy, purpose, and freedom day-to-day.

You’ve landed in the right (PLAY)shop! 

During this playful journey, we’ll dive deep into the secret ingredients behind letting go of perfectionism and achieving your big, beautiful biz goals. (Try saying that 5 times fast 😂)

In these back-to-back 90-minute sessions together, you’ll learn how to:

⭐ Achieve in a healthy way that feels light and fun

⭐ Shift your mindset to one of playful experimentation in business

⭐ Confidently take messy action towards your goals

⭐ Trust your gut and make quicker decisions 

⭐ Tap into creativity to unlock your greatest business ideas

I feel so much more confident as a coach and empowered to share my voice, talents, and creativity with the world thanks to Kara.”

- Jamie Berris, Life & Relationship Coach

There is an epidemic happening amongst business owners, and nobody is talking about it.

Entrepreneurs are busy trying to hustle their way to success, but something’s not working.

What’s missing?...

  🤸‍♀️ PLAY! 🤸‍♀️

Entrepreneurs are some of the most play deprived people in the world. But studies show that play leads to greater innovation, productivity, confidence, happiness, and success!

In this PLAYShop, we’ll not only leverage the power of play to tap into all these ^ glorious things, but we’ll also work to cultivate a mindset that allows you to show up to your business in a whole new way. One that’s less rigid, more freeing, and much more effective!

Here’s the Plan!

DAY 1:

Cultivate a Playful Mindset

As a business owner, your mindset is everything. We’ll start by shifting your frame of mind from a place of rigidity and fear, to one of experimentation and play.

DAY 2:

Take Action Towards Your Goals

We’ll use deep, reflective practices to identify your business goals and how to achieve them. You’ll also learn how to feel more confident and making the impact you know you're meant to.

What Past Playmates Are Saying…

Hold up–let me take a step back here…

*slowly shimmies backwards*

Hi, Sweet Soul! I’m Kara!

Play and Mindset Coach, Former Perfectionist, and Founder of The Playful Warrior 🤸.

What we’re covering inside this PLAYShop has helped me 👇

  • Launch a brand new business that nobody had ever heard of before
  • Grow it to a place that supports me financially and *truly* lights up my soul
  • Help hundreds of people (corporations + solopreneurs alike) transform their lives
  • Take on big opportunities, like appearing on TV, without burning out or sinking in fear
  • Travel the world doing what I love

I say this to show you the power of a playful mindset. 

When we have access to confidence, playfulness, and creativity, we ACT. We do the thing, we make mistakes, we course correct, and ultimately, we make our business dreams our reality.

There are waaay too many talented humans getting STUCK in their business thanks to dream thieves like…






Imposter Syndrome


Enough is ENOUGH, am I right??

It’s time to move past fear, take bold action, and create a business that lights you up!

Ready to Step Out of Perfectionism and into PLAY? 🎉

Price: $77 $33