✨ Playing with Possibility ✨

Join this 2-day experiential wonderland to make 2023 the year of less perfectionism and more play and possibility 🎉

What you'll get:

🧠 Strategies to start letting go of perfectionism, get out of your head and delight in yourself 

🤸 Ways to navigate your inner critic playfully so you can be less self-critical, kinder to yourself and have more fun [even when life gets realllly messy!]

❤️How to create more inner safety to connect with your inner child, and invite more play and laughter into your life 

🎉 And you'll actually experience different playful activities!

And BONUS! This party is trauma-informed and nervous system aware. You'll get a bonus for nervous system regulation, to help you feel safe enough to be in your body and play!

If you’re itching to have more fun, more self-acceptance, and less perfectionism and self-doubt, you belong here.

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$47.00 USD

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