✨ The Magic Within ✨

A guided playdate with Little You to help you let go of perfectionism, build more confidence, and tap into…

Playfulness. Creativity. Wonder. Spontaneity. Self-love.

When you say YES to ✨The Magic Within✨ you’ll be given instant + lifetime access to a unique 1-hour playful experience that will reconnect you with your playful side, so you can pour more confidence, creativity, and joy into every area of your life!

It’s highly possible you could experience explosive belly-laughs, the feeling of weight being lifted off your chest, and facial cramps caused by ear-to-ear smiling during this playdate. So, be prepared for that. 😉

Now go put on your coziest fit, grab your favorite fizzy drink, and get ready to PLAY!

Price: $40 $23


What People Are Saying:

The little girl inside of me is now alive and I am so grateful. Play sounds so simple but it can be really hard to start. Once you do, a freedom comes and starts to deeply nourish those under nourished parts of you that are longing to show up and play like a child. This was the perfect opportunity to dive in. I loved every minute of it.

Kiesha Yokers, Somatic Coach

The way Kara has put healing and play together is beautiful. I teared up so many times and I could feel so much connection within myself. The play helped move so much energy through my body, which made me feel free and safe and seen. I’ve already noticed how much more I play with my kiddos and let my little self free.

Marti Marsh, Occupational Therapist

Wow, what an amazing opportunity for me to escape my normal day-to-day routine, and get lost in fun, childlike activities. The playdate was so fun and playful! Kara’s work is a refreshing reminder that we all need to let go of the self-deprecating judgment we place on ourselves and tap into our inner child more often.

Nicole Deslippe, Account Manager

My PLAY session was exactly what I didn’t know I needed to reignite my creativity in my business and overall life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle of the everyday and stop making time for play and unexpected moments. Our time together was fun, inspiring and creative. It provided me the opportunity to completely let go of control, laugh, and experience what it’s like to simply live in the moment again. Thank you Kara for your energy, joie de vivre, and for creating a safe space for self-discovery and play!

Andria St-Pierre, Sales Executive

$40.00 USD

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